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China Belt and Road Initiative Webinar #3:
The Silk Road – Business, National Security, and Geopolitical Impact of the Pandemic

Tuesday, September 23, 2020, 2 – 3 pm EST

Join our ArDEC Chairman Rudy Ortiz and his colleague David Day to discuss these vital topics:

  • How exactly does the U.S. compete with China’s BRI?
  • What does the future trade relationship between China and the U.S. look like?
  • What do U.S. firms do for supply chain reorganization, onshoring, diversification and new markets?
  • How does the USMCA fit into this picture?
  • What about other options and markets? 


David Day, NADEC Trade Policy Co-Chair and Chairman, Belt & Road Task Force of the American Bar Association’s International Section        

Rudy OrtizCGBPNADEC Trade Policy Co-Chair

Moderator:  Christina Anne Luhn, PhD, Consul-Senior Trade Policy Advisor, British Consulate-General Houston and former NADEC Board Member

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