NADEC Resources

The National Association of District Export Councils (NADEC) provides a constant stream of webinars, as well as a yearly conference. All these webinars are listed on their website. Recordings of their webinars are available on their YouTube channel.

NADEC also provides a listing of webinar trainings provided by other local DECs on their website, organized by states.

In February 2022, NADEC launched the Southbound Trade Initiative to address the issue of over-dependency on China. It offers a landscape on how to leverage and fully utilize the existing Free Trade Agreements in the Americas, combined with new re-shoring and near-shoring strategies to create an integrated region of common producers and common consumers within the Americas, reducing the dependency on China as the main and almost sole manufacturing hub. This initiative takes advantage of the current Free Trade Agreements in place in the Americas: USMCA, CAFTA, Pacific Alliance, and a great number of binational FTAs among countries in the Americas, together with the new infrastructure development project in Mexico, the ISTMO train. This new train and highway are being built to connect the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, creating an excellent industrial hub to facilitate the movement of goods and manufacturing options within North America, while creating an additional option to the already overloaded Panama Canal.